Post date: Jan 3, 2009 6:21:32 AM

These renderings were created for me by Carter Hickman. Even before buying the car, I struggled with which direction to take the build. I considered many different options: restomod / pro-touring, full restoration, F.A.S.T class build, etc. I found Carter after seeing some of his work on I decided it would be a good idea to sort out the direction I wanted to take my car by using 3D renderings rather than getting part way, or all the way, done and wishing I had gone another way.

As far as paint goes, I decided to go with the original factory color. I like the dark blue metallic and since it’s original, it was an easy decision. I had a tougher time deciding on the trim and mouldings. This car came from the factory with both the center Belvedere II moulding and the Satellite trim around the wheel wells, and along the rocker panel and lower rear quarter. I had never, and still have not, seen a Belvedere with this trim combination and could not imagine what it would look like. I like the look of '67 GTX's with trim on the rocker and around the wheel wells and I thought about just going that route. However, after seeing the rendering with all of the original trim, I really liked it and decided to put it all on. This decision was one of the key factors in leading me toward the F.A.S.T. class build, and away from a restomod. I don't ever plan to sell the car, but leaving off the center Belvedere II trim would definitely have hurt its value. Seeing it in the rendering, liking it, and considering the value equation lead me to keep it more original.

The wheels were, and still are, a very difficult decision for me. Fortunately they are easy to change and don't affect the value much. However, they can be very expensive so I would like to only pay for one really nice set. You can see from all of the renderings the numerous ideas that I’ve had for the wheels. I still have not found “THE” set that looks just right to me. I think I must have been driving Carter nearly crazy with this. There are so many styles to choose from and I just had to stop at some point. In addition to wheel styles, I experimented with wheel sizes and vehicle ride heights. The final version shows 18 inch rear wheels and 17 inch fronts.

At a minimum, the car will have two sets of wheels. To run in F.A.S.T., the car must run G70 - 14 tires on steel wheels. Most likely, these will just be painted steel wheels. I bought some of the optional 1966 factory spinner hub caps to go on these wheels too. The second set will be a nice set of billet wheels and I still have not decided which ones they will be.

Please take a look the renderings and let me know your thoughts.