As of April 2011 we have decided to take this project in another direction. Previously we were building it around the Factory Appearing Stock Tire (F.A.S.T.) class rules. The competition has driven the top cars in that series to become highly focused cars. Building a car to compete at the top of that class would have meant sacrificing the use of this car for nearly all of our intended purposes. As a result we have decided to make it much more a pro-touring style build.

As for a little of the older history, I purchased this car in 2007. The original owner sold the car in 1968 to the second owner, Leroy Sands. Mr. Sands had an accident with the car and parked it in 1972. At that time, there was nothing special about "Hemi cars", so he pulled the engine, transmission, and rear-end and put them into a 318 '66 Belvedere II. Mr. Sands still has this original drivetrain in the 318 car.

The car was sold to another gentleman who did not transfer the title. Instead, he sold it to me in 2007. The title, therefore, was officially was transferred from Mr. Sands to me.